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One Monthly Fee


$999 One Time Setup Fee

Unlike Other Online Ordering Systems, We Use Real Pictures of Your Food, And Always Keep Your Restaurants Brand/Logo Visible. This Will Show Customers That Your Online Ordering System Was Specifically Built For You And Is Not Just Some "Cookie Cutter" Online Ordering Software

With InstantOrder, You Get Your Website Online Ordering System. You Also Get Customized iPhone & Android Apps That Your Customers Can Use To Place Online Orders On. You Get These Apps With No Additional Charge To You!

We Guarantee A Hassle Free Set Up! Unlike The Low Quality Online Ordering Systems, One Thing You Get With Us Is Excellent Support From Start To Finish! You Can Feel Confident That We Will Get Everything Set Up For You Without You Having To Go Out Of Your Way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you cannot find an answer to your question on the following list.

   Is it a hassle to install InstantOrder?

  We know that you, like all other business owners are worried that having online ordering will make your business operation more complicated and stressful. In reality that cannot be any further from the truth! We guarantee that this will actually make your kitchen & restaurant more efficient and LESS stressful!

   What kind of contract am I in?

  We don't lock you into a long term contract because we know you will be satisfied enough to not want to quit your service!

   How does the setup work?

  We will install and configure your system ourselves so you don't have to do any extra work. During setup, we add your food menu into your online system, we organize your menu so it is exactly how you want it. We add your own restaurant logo, we add real pictures of your food, and we customize the colors of your new system so it matches the colors of your restaurant.

   Is there support I can call?

  We offer 24/7 support and you will speak to one of our skilled technicians, not get directed to some call center in India.

   Is the menu customized to my business?

  Once InstantOrder is installed, it will look like your own custom online ordering system instead of some third party system.

   How does InstantOrder save labor?

  Everytime a customer places an order over the phone one of your employees have to answer and place the order. Now this may only take a few minutes, this adds up very quickly. With InstantOrder you don't have to have an employee answering calls, we even have clients that use a voicemail to tell callers to use online ordering!

   Do I have to download an InstantOrder App to excess my menu?

  Nope! We make an app specific to your business. This means if a customer wants your businesses app, they just search for your business in the Google Play or iOS App Store.

   I'm still pretty sure installing InstantOrder will be a hassle.

  Even though most business owners are worried about the extra hassle this will create, the truth is, that it actually makes life easier! Our proof is that not even one customer has cancelled on us yet!

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