The Best In Online Ordering Systems


The Best In Online Ordering Systems


The Best In Online Ordering Systems

The Best Online Ordering System Website
InstantOrder Ordering System

The Best In Online Ordering Systems

When you buy a service, you expect it to be exactly what you need. So why should you be stuck with a second-rate Online Ordering System?
The Perfect Online Ordering System should allow customization with your business logo and colors. This System should allow customers to place an order directly through your website instead of some third party site. The Ordering System should list your food with real pictures and use detailed descriptions. The Perfect Ordering System should also automatically come with custom Smartphone Apps to provide another way to place online orders. Unlike second-rate Systems that charge a fee for every online order placed, the business using this Perfect Ordering System is only charged one, low monthly price without requiring a long term contract. The Perfect Ordering System is compatible with any POS system, or it also works with no POS system at all. Every business deserves this Perfect Online Ordering System, and it is now available for everyone!

It is called InstantOrder

InstantOrder Features


Easy Menu Management

Adding menu items and changing product prices are made easy with InstantOrder through our easy to use interface. Check out our How To Videos to learn more!


Order Accuracy

Your new online ordering system will take accurate orders every time ensuring zero mistakes are made in the ordering process. This will allow your business to work more efficiently saving you money.


Access To A Growing Market

InstantOrder allows your business reach a new expanding market of mobile and desktop users who are ordering online at an exponential rate!

Cog Wheel

Personalized Set Up

When you purchase InstantOrder, we personally set up your system to include all of your products and pictures.


More Tailored Features

InstantOrder offers more features than systems that are priced 3 times as high. We can fit the needs of almost anything you require.

Fastest Load Times

Fastest Load Times

InstantOrder was built with the very best technologies available. This allows InstantOrder to load extremely fast.

InstantOrder Ordering System

The Best In Online Ordering Systems

Product Introduction

Here Is A Short Animation Over Why All Restaurants Should Have Online Ordering By Demonstrating Features Of InstantOrder®.

InstantOrder Ordering System

The Best In Online Ordering Systems

Product Comparison

Here Is A Short Animation That Compares InstantOrder® To Other Online Ordering Systems. By Watching This Animation, You Will Quickly Learn Why InstantOrder Truly Is The Best Ordering System Available!

Live InstantOrder Demonstration

This InstantOrder® Demonstration Shows The Front End / Customer Side Of Our Ordering System. Please Contact Us If You Would Like To See The Back End / Admin Section.

The InstantOrder Demonstration Shows:
° How To Use Our System First Hand!
° How We Separate Restaurant Products Into Catalogs.
° How Each Product Can Have Options & Addons.
° How Easy And Full Functional Our Shopping Cart Is.

Click For Live Demo PDF Instructions

Smart Phone

Custom Smartphone Apps

For Both iPhone & Android

When You Buy InstantOrder®, Our Team Also Builds You An App For Both Android & IOS. This App Is Specifically Built For Your Business And Has Your Store Logo As The App Icon.

InstantOrder Comes With Custom Smartphone Apps That:
° Allows Your Customers To Quickly Place An Online Order.
° Gives Your Business A Level Of Prestige By Having An App Available To The World!
° Exposes Your Business To A New Generation Of Customers Grew Up Using Phone Apps.

See Our Pricing See Our How To Videos

InstantOrder Ordering System

The Best In Online Ordering Systems

Restaurant Pizza

Full Pickup & Delivery Service

InstantOrder® Was Built With Restaurants In Mind. We Understand Restaurants That Increase Their Pickup And Delivery Service Will Increase Their Profits Without Needing A Bigger Restaurant For Seating.

InstantOrder Optimizes Pick Up & Delivery Features By:
° Specifying On The Ticket If The Order Is For Pickup Or Delivery.
° Offering Additional Delivery Instructions.
° Establishing A Delivery Zone.
° Setting A Delivery Fee To Deliver Menu Items.
° Delivering Only After A Certain Time Of The Day.

Delivery Details See Our Pricing


InstantOrder® Is Able To Be Customized To Your Exact Needs.

InstantOrder Is Fully Customizable. Some Features Include:
° Placing An Order Only During Specified Store Hours.
° Choosing The Colors And Layout Of Your Ordering System.
° Branding Your Ordering System By Adding Your Logo.
° Able To Add New Items, Specials, Pictures, And Prices Easily.

Customization Details See Our How To Videos

InstantOrder Ordering System

The Best In Online Ordering Systems


Easy To Use

InstantOrder® Is So Easy That Even Non Tech-Savvy People Can Still Use It.

InstantOrder Is Intuitive And Easy To Use, Our System Offers:
° Updating Prices By The Admin With Just A Few Mouse Clicks.
° Uploading A Menu Picture Is Done With Only A Few Steps.
° Adding New Menu Items Can Be Done In Minutes.
° Placing Orders As A Guest Or Creating A Member Account.

PDF Instructions See Our Pricing

InstantOrder Ordering System

The Best In Online Ordering Systems

For E-Commerce

Mobile Friendly

Mobile & Desktop Friendly

InstantOrder works on any device that has an Internet Connection. This includes Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Android Tablets, Android Smartphones, and iPhones.


Saves Time

InstantOrder saves you time by being so easy to set up and manage. InstantOrder saves customer time by being so easy to use!


High Quality

We offer multiple delivery & shipping options to suit all of your business needs. Our product is designed with the best technologies available to ensure quick order processing & loading speeds.

InstantOrder Ordering System

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